The year is 2029. It’s been roughly seven years since the world ended, though the there is some debate in the timeline. I guess that’s par for the course when no on remembers what really happened, but that doesn’t always matter when you’re trying to make sure you have enough to eat and a roof over your head. But, here’s what people do know…

One, there were a LOT more people. There had to be. The amount of cities and buildings, homes and work and stuff left over, there had to have been more people. Just, no one knows where they went… or who they are. Sometimes I get feelings, where I just KNOW I knew someone who said something once. Just, can’t remember who they were or where they went. There are a few who were lucky enough to have their family not vanish. Well, at least as lucky as you can be to live during the end.

Two, no one remembers anything… at least nothing in detail. I mean I remember how to drive and my name. I know I was born in what used to be San Diego, but the details are foggy. I don’t remember who my parents were- but I know I had some and they loved me. I think I had a sibling but I couldn’t tell you much more. Some people remember more or less but no one remembers everything.

Three, everyone changed. Or maybe we were changed before the end, no one’s quite sure. Everyone seems to have something, a power or something physically strange with them. Some have more than one… this one guy I met seemed completely normal but he had pointed ears. Another guy could spit acid and change the color of his skin. It all seems like a crap shoot though.

And four, everyone is trying to survive.

I recently came across a small town called Carter, it’s in what used to be Nevada a few hours outside what remains of Las Vegas. Not many people go into the big cities anymore, they tend to be full of raiders and gangs of people who are more inclined to shoot first and screw the questions. Hopefully Carter works out though. It looks quaint and the people there seem to get along… for the most part. Well, as much as anyone can get along After the End.