Carter, NV. Home sweet Home. Or at least I hope it is. There’s a couple handfuls of people who have settled here, established some businesses, even one guy who’s playing sheriff. But we all know the rule of law is finders keepers, take what you want and whoever’s bigger and stronger has the power. At least that’s how it is everywhere else, but for some reason these people in Carter seem to want something more… something reminiscent of what life might have been like before The End. Housing seems to be first come first serve, some are still furnished but most anything important seems to have been scavenged years ago… though you might get lucky. The businesses seem to be willing to work in trade which is nice. Maybe this place isn’t too bad, a slice of old Americana… hell the General Store even has a help wanted sign out front… how about that?



*Mod Note* Please pay no attention to the map markers that are default on the map. While those buildings may still exist, their role may not.