The Game

Do you have activity checks?

Not really, no. We will keep and eye on things and if we notice someone not active we will reach out and make sure they’re ok. If there’s no response and no activity then that person may be removed. If you have multiple characters and one is noticed as not having been played for a while we may also reach out to encourage activity with that character. But we know IRL happens and that takes priority. So long as you stay in touch when you can (or at least reply to the ‘are you still alive’ emails), you have nothing to worry about.

So… do I have to create a mutant?

In short, yes.

However, remember that there are all sorts of mutations and while some have very flashy and showy powers, others have very simple ones. You want someone who’s basically human trying to survive among mutants? Fantastic, give them a small physical mutation or something else relatively mundane. Not everyone got the big powers… some got the short end of the stick.

The Event

So what do you mean no one has memories?

Memories prior to seven years pre-game time, are a fog for all people. Everyone remembers the basics like who they are, date of birth and what not but details are foggy. It varies for all people so have fun with what your character does and does not remember. Seeing as most people develop powers when they’re younger most who are adults now may not recall details of how their power evolved. People also still remember skills and how to do things, but they might not remember how they know. Like someone who knows how to use a gun may have been a cop, soldier, criminal or just someone who liked guns… but they have no idea.

Can anything bring back someone's memories?

At this point in time nothing can fully bring back memories. However sounds, smells, sights and other triggers can sometimes case clearer flashes than what someone normally experiences. But even if someone can’t remember everything they do still have feelings associated with memories. Sometimes they might get really sad when a specific song is heard but can’t quite place the reason why, for example.

So what does this mean for our characters history?

Feel free to play it how you want. Do you want to have your defined history for the last seven years? Fantastic, go for it. Do you want to provide some detail about things they remember? Feel free. If your person is the type to look to the future and not the past then it would make sense if it wasn’t covered at all.

So what's up with people vanishing?

At the same time everyone’s memories were wiped, roughly 99.99% of the population of each continent ceased to be. They disappeared from the world. All their stuff remained, but them and the memories of them vanished.

Those who knew someone who vanished no longer remember them. Sometimes they will feel connections to people who aren’t here anymore. Such as a father who lost a child may have a strong feeling that there was a child they loved, but would not remember their face or name or possibly even that it was their child.

Sometimes pictures can help spark recollections, but it doesn’t always fill in the details. People typically have more an emotional response, such as seeing a picture of your spouse you feel a strong feeling of love to this person but that’s it.

What about people who haven't vanished but aren't in the same place as my character?

Anyone who your character has met who hasn’t vanished is a clear memory; name, face, relation, basic facts. As with all other memories events are foggy, but you know the person.

So, for example, your characters fifth grade teacher didn’t vanish. You haven’t seen them in years, but if your character tries to think back on people they know, their fifth grade teacher would be one of them. The smart person who has figured it out could then deduce that their fifth grade teacher is still alive or at least was when the event happened. Whether they survived the apocalypse is another matter entirely.

That’s a good other note. Anyone who wasn’t vanished but died after the event, their memories don’t change. They’re just dead now.

Will the vanished ever come back?

At this point in time, no. This may change with future plots. However, at this point you should operate that anyone who has vanished is vanished for good. If you allude to someone being vanished, do not put them in wanted.

The World

What about money?

Having no real intrinsic value anymore money is pretty useless as a currency. Most people instead use canned food, batteries, and other useful items as trade. Sometimes you can get something to performing a service or chore. It’s really between two people.

Some larger colonies have markets that have rules and guidelines for what value things have, but in a small town like Carter, it’s really up to the individual.

Okay, so what's the 411 on electricity?

First off, no one really knows if the powers plants and stuff are still running, but none of the nuclear ones have melted down and there is electricity. That said, electricity is mostly limited to the larger cities (Las Vegas does have power), even so it’s not 100% reliable. There are black and brown outs almost daily, most lasting minutes some lasting days.

In a small town like Carter, electricity is pretty much a no-go unless you have a generator.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

When the ‘event’ happened that cause The End and people vanished there were some huge accidents. Planes came down having lose their pilots (not ALL of them, but most), car accidents happened all over the place, trains derailed, etc.

That being said cars are still functional providing you can find gas, however certain highways are pretty impossible to pass unless you can move the cars in front as traffic came to a stop (or you have a huge pile up accident).

Structural Integrity

So, it’s only been seven years since the ‘event’, this is not enough time for a full invasion of plant life or building collapse. That said, without people to maintain many plants are overgrown and damage that is sustained to a building (some via airplane crashes on the day, fires, powers going off, etc) don’t really have anyone to repair them unless a survivor takes it upon themselves. So while the majority of buildings are intact and safe, it is not impossible to encounter a building or more that are all or partially collapsed.

Just how many people live in Carter?

There are about 20-30 NPCs at any one time. Some people pass through only a night, others stay a week or so before moving on. Some people call Carter home but can be gone for months at a time.

Wait, isn't Carter really Goodsprings, NV?

Yes, however after the event only one person remained in Goodsprings, a teen named Carter. He decided the town was his and spray painted over the ‘Welcome to’ sign, rechristening the town Carter. The teen died after he pissed off some raiders, and no one bothered to change the name back.